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OK, so I know that you are not supposed to laugh at your children, but look, they are the funniest things next to Bill Cosby you will ever have living directly in your home, imitating your every move, blurting out your private conversations, and making your face do things you never thought possible.  Starting with their births, I found that with my children, I actually WAS able to pull my bottom lip over the top of my head and not feel a thing!  I think it was preparation for all of us; we can live through anything else they could pull during their eighteen years with us, and possibly more, for those who might have the ‘failure to launch’ syndrome.

Have you ever been on a journey and had absolutely nothing to do but stare at the trees or listen to music that made absolutely no sense due to repetition?  The drama of kids never stop! Even though they may do or say things that would cause you to contemplate snatching a hole in their butts, you stand composed as you figure out ways to make their lives miserable instead. Don’t worry, they have plans of their own.  I never counted gray hair until my children were born, and now instead of dyeing my hair, I have found that it feels better, and is quite therapeutic, to just yank them out one at a time. I knew they would be back by the end of the week anyway.

I adore my children!  There is not a day that passes when I don’t walk away from them, shaking my head because of something cute they have said to me.  On this blog is where I share with you how laughter is a good thing! So, during your busy day, week or month, take the time to find the light in all of it.  Laugh, people!  It’s good for the soul!

***To send your stories of laughter for posting, please email me at laughterforthesoulblog@gmail.com. 



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  1. This is awesome mom. What a wonderful idea. I hope it continues to grow. This was a phenomenal idea. Keep up the good work!!!!!!!

  2. Hey Mel, this is great. I really dont know where to start with every day comments, looks, stares etc…from my children, they are a really a blessing to me. Every day is something new to fall in love with them over again. Some days are hard…but we must remember they are a true gift from God, and he would have never given them to us with out the wisdom and knowledge to raise them! I will love to share with you!!

    • Welcome, Debra! So glad you like it! Please help to spread he word! You have to subscribe in order to see the new ones that are posted or you can LIKE it on Facebook at ‘laughterforthesoul’. Miss you!

  3. This is excellent girl. As I read, I thought of the many funny things that happen in my home between me and my kids….I have started to keep a journal of them. The funniest are when they repeat things that I have said in ADULT converstaions, in their own converstions, IN CONTEXT!!!! Who needs TV? How much the absent parent misses, that he/she can’t even conceive that he/she has missed or is missing. Thanks for sharing yourself with a larger group.

    • Thank you, Latina!!!! So glad that you have joined me! Please feel free to share your stories with me and I will post them in my ‘Today’s Belly Stitchin’ Laughter’ section. I know you have tons to share!

  4. Hello mel,
    I truly know what you mean about kids. I have 4 grandkids and they are always doing something to make us laugh. What a joy to have them around, because they bring laughter and joy. I will start to keep a journal of the funny moments and share

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