Who would have thought that being a parent would be coupled with so many interesting components?  I mean, I was informed that I couldn’t have kids by at least three brilliant doctors (and they are the ones with the degrees and a six-figure incomes.) But when I became pregnant with my first child, I never knew such joy (immediate pain), and laughter my life would encompass as a result.  From receiving the very first toothless smile to pee in my face, it has been quite a journey! Whomever it was that stated that bodily liquid tasted more like green tea was living two inches away from a latrine themselves!  For real? To think that children could aim straight into your face when they have no control over what they are doing and then, having been taught correctly, not make it into the toilet bowl at all is a baffling phenomenon.  Someone blog about THAT!

We are parents. We love our jobs. (Yes, parenting is a JOB!).  We go with the flow and allow for changes; we fight for every cause, perform litigations between siblings and love until we hurt.  In God’s own humor, he gave us these little creatures to raise, making sure we don’t mess up too badly along the way.  (Can we get a do-over? Without the epidural and the pushing?)

Take this journey with me as I share with you the many reasons we have to laugh at this thing called parenting. If we take things too seriously, we might end up at the nearest insane asylum.  (I know where all of them are in my area so that I am familiar with the trip when they take me there.)  I would love to hear your stories as well!  After all, you all must know that laughter is good for the soul!



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