I am an English instructor and have been for the past twenty-two years.  It is no great wonder that my children have learned how to express their feelings through writing. When my kids have done something wrong, it is inevitable that a long letter will follow, explaining why they feel the punishment is justified, and how they hope my heart will somehow be changed to allow them out of the situation unscathed.  Do you get those letters too? Share them with me!  Here is one I received after my son got in trouble at home.

Dear Mommy:

I know that you are very upset with me but it is not all my fault.  Sometimes I hear what you are saying to me and then other times, I don’t.  Please forgive me.  I know you said not to leave from the front of the house but I went to my friend’s house because I forgot you said not to.  I think I forgot to take my medicine too.  I know I will not be able to go anywhere for the rest of my life, and that is FINE!  Please forgive me. I love you.



Dear Mom:

I cownted to 10 befor I got into a fite today, but I dint make it. I’m srry. Please don’t spank me.  I will not do it agin.  Plese. I love you, mom. Forevr and evr. You can tak away my new toy but can i have it bak?



After being grounded to their rooms for being ungrateful, this letter was slipped under my bedroom door by the little one:

“I love you mom i wish i had a Doller or two to give you for being un gratful to you i am so so so so sorry mom i hope you forgive me”

Love you – “Lealand”

“Can I have some chips?”


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