As I anticipate reading your many entries, this page will be dedicated to the posts I feel will have the rest of the world crackin’ up!  Share your stories with me and look to see if your story has made it to the Belly Stitchin’ Top Post for the week.  As we grow, prizes will be offered for the top entries.  So, help me to spread the word by sharing this site with your family, co-workers and friends!  C’mon, make my belly ache!

If you would like your story to be considered, please email me the hilarious details at

Submitted by:  J. Bell

    •  Okay, so I go in to check on my kids to make sure they’re alright and my son is missing out of his bed. After panicking and turning the house upside down, we find him under the bed. Couple puffs of my inhaler– I’m good now….lolrotf.


Potty Training – Pure Excitement! (August 22, 2011)

This young man is excited that he is getting the hang of the potty training drama!

“See, mommy! I told you I could do it!”


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